Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

At First Recruitment Group we work hard to achieve our goals together as a team with a clear shared purpose. We adapt to our clients changing needs as well changes in the market to make sure we are a business of growth, success and happiness. Our vision, mission and values help us to do this.

VISION (Where we want to be – our ultimate goal)

To change the perception of recruitment by devoting ourselves to the happiness of our clients, candidates and staff.

MISSION (How we're going to get there)

  • Together we communicate on a personal level listening to the individual need and providing a choice of solution.
  • We deliver what we promise building trust, building fans, one client, and candidate at a time. If we can over-deliver we do.
  • We create a tailored, transparent recruitment experience, encouraging honest feedback, and continual improvement.

VALUES (How we feel)

  • Excellence: We will always deliver what we promise while working to the highest quality standard. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We over-deliver where possible.
  • Integrity: We demonstrate complete integrity, upholding honesty, and strong moral principles. We do not compromise the truth.
  • Passion: We are passionate about recruitment showing enthusiasm, energy, and an understanding of our client and candidate needs.
  • Respect: We treat our clients, candidates, and each other with mutual respect and sensitivity, embracing individual diversity.
  • Clarity: We ensure clear communication in everything we do. We encourage the open exchange of ideas, opinions, and views related to the business.
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions. We use experience and good
    judgment to support the business.